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A plan to make an Indonesian teenage comedy film starring Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa has stirred controversy in the world's most populous Muslim country, drawing a mixed reaction ranging from street protests to messages of support posted by her many fans on the Internet.

Cheese it: A Jakarta street vendor sells pirated DVDs, including those of Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, Monday. KYODO PHOTO

Maxima Pictures, a Jakarta-based film company, said the ongoing controversy "has scared" Ozawa, who had been set to come here for several weeks of filming a no-nudity comedy film titled "Kidnapping Miyabi."

Ozawa is well-known in Indonesiaas "Miyabi," a name she used early in her career as a Japanese adult video actress.

"Ozawa is so worried over the controversy. We have already announced that we will put her on a pure comedy teenage movie, without any sex scene at all," said Yoen K, an executive producer at Maxima Pictures.

Yoen said he just returned from Japan to renegotiate the project with Ozawa's management in light of the unfavorable developments, which could delay filming.

"But we still want to release the film on Dec. 31 so it will be a Happy New Year movie," he said, adding he did not want to disclose details of the new filming schedule for fear of triggering further opposition from some elements of the public.

Ozawa's agent in Tokyo said negotiations with Maxima Pictures are still under way and they will publicly announce their decision whether to proceed with the plan as soon as possible.

Metro TV aired footage Monday of a protest aimed at Ozawa held by dozens of students of an Islamic boarding school belonging to the largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama, in the central Java town of Kudus.

Gossip shows on various television channels have covered the pros and cons surrounding the plan to make the comedy film, which was written by a popular teenage comedy writer, Radika Ditya.

Last Friday, under tight security involving the deployment of riot police, more than 100 members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) staged a noisy protest in front of the film company, which later accepted six representatives of the militant group for a dialogue.

"Reject the arrival of Miyabi, the destroyer of our nation's morality," read a large banner carried by the protesters.

However, Minister of Religious Affairs Maftuh Basyuni said Indonesiacould not reject somebody who wishes to come to the country.

"As long as she is not here for porn movie, it is all right. The most important thing is that it will be not against the law," he was quoted by the leading online media portal, Detikcom, as saying.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI), a body of Islamic clerics from across Indonesia, urged the film company to cancel its plan.

"If someday we approve the film, many teenagers will see it, then after that they will idolize her and we are worried that they will eventually seek out her porn films," said Amidhan of MUI as quoted by Detikcom.

Minister of Woman's Affairs Muthia Hatta and Minister of Communication and Information Muhammad Nuh have also voiced their opposition, with Nuh saying, "Creativity is not supposed to ignore social sensitivity."

The controversy has led Ozawa's fans to rush to her support via the Internet, with some male commentators dismissing those opposed to her visit as being "hypocrites," suggesting they actually like her movies but won't admit it.

The controversy has also boosted sales of pirated DVD movies featuring Ozawa in Jakarta's Glodok market, where they are prominently displayed to attract consumers, many of whom come to buy the illegal DVDs after seeing news coverage of the controversy.

"Kidnapping Miyabi" features a plot in which Ozawa as a Japanese actress will be "accidentally kidnapped" by three Indonesian teenagers upon arrival in a Jakarta airport after being chased by hundreds of fans. The story ends up with her being stranded in the city and opening up a lingerie shop.

Born in Hokkaido on Jan. 8, 1986, to a Japanese mother and French-Canadian father, Ozawa started her adult film career in 2005.

Source : Japan News

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