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Never, ever delete your old blog even if you have no use for it again, that is, unless you don’t mind having it taken over by blog spammers. There’s an ever increasing use of automated software that can detect when someone stops using a blog address and it WILL be taken over by assh%les that will try to capitalize on whatever traffic and incoming links you may have been receiving before you deleted it. The type of sites they will set up can vary anywhere from pornography, to illegal drug sales and casinos and just about anything else you can imagine. No one wants to see the their old blog address associated with these types of web sites, it can be rather embarrassing!

Just imagine your mom or friends or neighbors clicking on your old blog address expecting to find you and pictures of your kittens or newborn baby and spotting X-rated pornography instead! It’s best to just leave your old blog there with a forwarding link to your new location or if you want to become anonymous, don’t put anything. Just don’t delete it!

If this has already happened to you, I encourage you to Contact Blogger and report it as a Terms of Service violation, because link farms, porn sites and spam blogs are in clear violation of Blogger’s rules. If you are blog surfing and happen upon one of these sites that is clearly NOT a blog but is on a Blogger/Blogspot address, please report it. Blogger will investigate and pull the plug on it.

Sometimes, you will click a link or hit “Next Blog” and you’ll notice the page quickly change to a new location to a link farm or spam site, this is a redirect that the spammer has set up on their site to take you away from Blogger. Don’t let these people take over! If you see that kind of violation, report them vigorously!

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