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Start Production : This March.
Cast :
Bobby Campo as Nick
Shantel VanSanten as Lori
Haley Webb as Janet
Nick Zano as Hunt
Krista Allen as Aly
Andy Fiscella as ???
Justin Welborn as "The Racist"

The film will be a stand-alone movie and will feature brand new characters. Story will revolve around a young male teen (Nick) who has a vision of a catastrophic accident happening at a race track. He alerts his friends, all of whom are saved from the objects that fly into the audience, killing those who remained. Now, Death is coming for those who escaped their fate, and Death will be more brutal than ever.

For general plot stories, please read Final Destination.

Preview: (FD 1,2,3, Steven Seagal (nyasar), GhostShip(nyasar), FD 4)

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